Clay Masks that Won’t Break the Bank

For a long time I’ve wanted to use a mask that would make my skin feel so much smoother in places I needed it the most.

I loved the Clinique Clay Mask they have but it’s $30. If you have the money, that’s a steal but when it’s currently out of your budget. So what do you do when you need to purchase a mask that’s affordable and still do it’s job? Try it out.

Read the ingredients and the specific mask you’re looking for. There’s so many different masks that will help with so many different issues you may have with your face.

For me, I look for a mask that’s perfect for the type of skin I have, which is oily to combination skin. Over the years my entire face has gone from being oily to just the T-zone...especially around my nose.

Freeman French Pink Clay Mask $2.99 - Target


So while I’ll have to try another mask for the buildup that’s occurred in that area, I tried French Pink Clay Mask that I’ve never tried before to see the effect it would have on my skin.

Let me just tell you, this mask is amazing! I applied a small amount on my forehead but a good amount on my nose. It gives a fresh flowery scent that’s not too much. It’s actually just right.

It’s like a light pink sticky substance that applies smoothly on the skin and dries tight after 15 minutes.

Just peel it off and the residue that’s left, apply warm water and pat dry. It’s that simple and it’s amazing. My skin, especially my nose felt like so smooth. It hasn’t felt this smooth is years. I highly recommend it.

To purchase this or any other mask that won’t break the bank, click here and it’ll take you there.

I will have a review available in my highlights.



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