Fave Sleepwear for the Summer

I don’t know about you but I get really hot at night during the Summer.  For me, I have to sleep with the fan on.  When I prepare for bed, I go to the pjs that are the most comfortable and keep me cool.  Today, I’m sharing some of my fave sleepwear for those Summer nights.

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Satin set: I love a good satin set especially if it’s short sleeve.  It’s definitely light and breathable.


Ribbed set: Even though a ribbed set hugs you more closely, it’s still breathable and it’s thin. I have a set that’s sleeveless which makes it that much better.

Oversized T-shirt/Night Gown: This is my fave way to sleep.  There aren’t any restrictions and I can easily slip it on at night.  I remember when I’d gone to a sleepover and forgot to pack my pjs.  I asked my friend if she had a shirt I could sleep in for the night.  At first it was weird just having a shirt on but afterwards I began trying it at home sometimes and it felt freeing.  Over the years, the Summer nights were getting too hot to have on a set of pjs and I began rummiging through my drawer for just a shirt that would keep me cool.  I haven’t gone back since.

Shorts: I would say shorts are the best alternative if you don’t like wearing just an oversized t-shirt aka sleep shirt.  I know it took a while for me to get comfortable with just wearing a shirt when I was living with my mom and grandmother.

What keeps you comfortable during those Summer nights?  Make sure to comment below.  Everything is available on the LTK app.

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