How to Style Thrift Items

A lot of times, we associate thrift items with going to our local thrift store to purchase second hand items or we associate it as a place where certain people go who don’t have much and it’s grungy and dingy. There are so many amazing finds and if you really want to know how to style something, just go to a thrift store. That’s truly where you find timeless pieces.

If you think about it, a lot of these “outlets” are one in the same with the thrift store. They’re just newer where some items have been worn but brought back or they’ve come from higher end shops once they’re out of season.

So, I’m sharing with you eight thrift items that I keep on repeat in my closet and how I styled them. I also believe that with anything you purchase, make sure it has a purpose in your closet and make sure it’s something that can be worn with numerous other pieces you currently have in your closet. 

This short sleeve sweater is kind of big on me but because of that, I made sure to pair it with this leather skirt to give the opportunity to spill over. A shirt that may be too long or too bulky, instead of allowing it to completely hang out, tuck it in and let it spill out a little.

The ruffled skirt is a piece you can layer it with a sweatshirt and a collared shirt to make it look more preppy or you can take away the sweatshirt and have the collared shirt by itself, untucked with a skinny belt wrapped at your waist, paired with sneakers or booties.

This plaid/flannel shirt makes me feel kind of like a rocker every time I put it on. I love tying it around my waist with a loose fitting shirt and distressed jeans. You can also pair this button up with a t-shirt dress or a mock neck dress and either wear it as a shirt/jacket or tie it around your waist to add to the casual look.

My most favorite piece is this blazer. Before, I was wearing it to interviews but now, I decided to wear it with everything lol. I love this blazer. It truly goes with everything and they are so in right now. It’s a way to dress up a casual outfit or help an outfit look more put together.

This sleeveless sweater top was a piece, for the longest time, I wasn’t sure I was going to hold onto it much longer because I didn’t understand how it could fit into my wardrobe. Well, I finally found a place for it. It’s great for the Summer or the Spring and because it’s sleeveless, it keeps you cool when it’s hot but also keeps you warm on a much cooler day. It’s the best of both worlds.

This semi satin blouse was my favorite piece when I purchased it. I loved that it had shoulder pads. It made me feel as though I was in the 80's. I love the semi satin feel and shine that it gives. It's so light and airy and this is truly another piece that can go with anything.  This time, I paired it with jean joggers to give it an edgy street look but class it up a bit with heels.

I didn't know what to do with this short sleeve jean shirt.  At the time I purchased it, it was too big and bulky and I only purchased it because it was very cheap. Well, as you can see, it worked out pretty well.  It became a great jean on jean staple that I love so much.  This is another piece you can pair with other pieces you may have in your closet.  I've worn it open with a cami to provide a lax style and I've also buttoned it to show it's versatility along with the accessories I paired it with to dress it up.

Lastly, the sheath dress I initially purchased because it was so cheap and it was really the only thing in my size, but also because I thought I could wear it to an office...if I had an office job, which I never really did, that required me to wear business attire. I thought I could also wear this dress to weddings at the time but we all see how wedding guest dresses are now. This didn’t really have a place either...until I thought I could dress it up by doing something a little different. I decided to pair it with jeans, and I thought because it’s a sheath dress, it wouldn’t work but it did. You can’t tell that it’s a dress and it doesn’t bulge. You can also pair it with a skinny belt to give the dress a more modern look or pair it with a scarf around your neck with heels and head to breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

I hope these looks helped with what you might’ve thought about thrifting and see the jewels that lie within.

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