How Your Style Changes Over the Years

Okay, so the best talk you can have is with yourself. Yep, I said it. Today, I was thinking about how my style has changed over the years and I guess the older you get, the better you understand what made you change your style and you’re able to answer that big question, WHY?!

Well, I realized that the style I have now has always been in me but as a young girl, I thought I needed to change it because I NEEDED more color in my wardrobe.

There are two reasons I thought my wardrobe needed color…

I initially thought others felt like color was in and neutrals were something you just needed to have in your wardrobe to pair with bold pieces.

I would hear people say that wearing color looks amazing on melanin skin. It allows the pigment and the bold color choices to compliment each other well.

I tried this for many years. I even talked my mom into mixing color into her wardrobe because she wore a lot of black.

Well, she’s done well in wearing amazing colors that look amazing on her but not until a year ago, believe it or not, I realized that it was cool. It was okay. It was popular to wear neutral colors.

Once I stepped into the social media scene, I realized I was stepping into something that was there for me all along. This entire time I was trying to follow the rules of someone else instead of what I really liked and what really fit me.

A couple of months ago, I’ve been slowly changing my wardrobe from color to neutrals and I’m here for it. It makes me happy to wear white, black, gray and beige. Heck, I think beige is my new favorite color. You can gasp. I’m pushing pink to the side.

Side note: I think I wanted to love pink so much because it was as close as I can get to neutrals while still having color in my wardrobe. Also, it was deemed a “girly color,” something I wasn’t able to really be (girly) for the majority of my life due to sports.

It’s funny how being a part of the “lifestyle influencer” community helped me step out and really love who I am, I mean for social media to do that, that doesn’t happen but I guess I needed to know that it was okay to love these kinds of colors above the rest.

It helped me to accept and appreciate what I love and not worry about what I read or what others may tell me about what looks good on me. Yes, color looks amazing on me but so does neutrals and I want something that I can wear every season and that makes me comfortable, something that makes me smile every time I wear it.

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