Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Have you been able to figure out what your dad, brother, and/or significant other would like for Father’s Day? 

Are there any hobbies they enjoy?

What’s their favorite meal?

Do they like sports? What’s their favorite team(s)?

Are they into specific brands?

Are they into nature or the water?

Does he enjoy a getaway or staying at home?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself so you can properly prepare for the BIG DAY!

Here are a few items I have already put together for you to hopefully make this as simple as possible for that last minute shopping trip.  Also, these items are available on my LTK page. Click here when you’re done reading to shop before it’s too late.

My uncles love grilling and they’re always competing to see who can grill the best.  Well I say, it’s a tie because their food is amazing! 

I don’t know about your family but sports are a pretty big deal in our house.  If they’re not really into playing but they love the paraphernalia, this is a great option. 

Ok, tell me what man doesn’t like his gadgets.  These watches are timeless (get that?...okay).  This is effortless and classy.  This is something he can wear any and everywhere and show his friends what an amazing gift he received. 

My aunt has a lake behind her house and when I was little, my uncle would fish out there and catch the best looking catfish.  He also taught me how to catch one and I was successful the first time.  Unfortunately, my aunt made me throw it back in.  Here are some gear for the fisherman in your life.  This is also a great activity to bond with the kids. 

Let’s not forget the camping gear.  I haven’t gone camping myself but I hear it’s pretty awesome.  This is such a great opportunity to go especially if nature is his thing.  But you better hurry because RVs, camping equipment, and the National Parks are selling out. 

This year, due to the pandemic, everyone is taking the scenic route wherever they go and the overflow is truly something.  So if this is something you plan on doing, go somewhere where it’s less crowded or less popular.

I hope these help with your last minute shopping!  If you want to view more items, head to my LTK page where I have something for the men who love to play games and are shoe enthusiasts.

Happy Shopping and to all of the fathers, Happy Father’s Day!!




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