Leggings, Skirts, and Dresses Oh My!: How to Pair Versatile Items in Your Closet

Whenever I go through my closet, there’s always something I hope to find that’ll be great to pair together. Sometimes it’s a bust but other times, it’s perfect. This is what’s so great about shopping in your closet. Pairing two or even five pieces together you never thought would create a new look or style.

So, I usually just choose one piece and try to pair it with so many contenders, however I wanted to try something a little differently. Instead of giving you just one piece we’re going to talk about, why not three?

Today, I’m sharing looks for leggings, skirts, and dresses. 

First up, leggings. With leggings, you can pair them literally with anything. It’s always great to start off simple when you don’t know what will go with what. You can wear thick leggings or thin leggings, long leggings, mid calf leggings, casual leggings, athleisure leggings, or spice it up with faux leather leggings or even Spanx. Do you see where I’m going here? So many to choose from which equates to so many looks. Here are a few looks of my own.


Next, skirts. Skirts are very versatile but depending on the length, lets you know what would be great to pair with it...as well as the shoes. Here are a few looks of my own.


Lastly, dresses. I just hopped on this train because I didn’t know what to expect especially with the limited number of dresses in my closet and the color choices of them all. Some of these pairings were hard but that’s what makes it all the better, right? 

There are going to be times when you run into hiccups such as I did with trying to pair this wine colored dress with other pieces in my closet, I haven’t used yet but this is, in a way you become your very own personal stylist and create new trends and a new style that fits your personality like a glove. Styling also helps you reach outside of your comfort zone, looks you never thought would look good on you. Next time you come across a piece, look at it and say, “Challenge accepted.” Here are a few looks of my own.


I hope you found this post very interesting and inspiring for you to head to your closet and pull out pieces you wouldn’t have dared to put together but now you’re giving it a try.

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