My First Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Member

Hey y’all! Let me first say how good it is to be back! I missed y’all and there’s so much to talk about but what I came here to talk to y’all about today, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Now, I know a lot of y’all know so much about this sale but for the ones who don’t, this sale is EPIC! It’s one of the best sales of the year, brought to you by Influencers from all over because I myself never knew of it until last year. 

Brands at Nordstrom, that we know and others we may not know as much, have slashed their prices for us as consumers to purchase and share with others.

I will be sharing a few items I purchased during the Early Access sale below while also as a first timer shopping this sale, my experience at the store.

*Disclosure: These answers are from My personal experience and the Nordstrom location I decided to go to.

So without further ado, let’s get started…


What to Expect as a Nordy Member?

  1. When shopping this sale for the first time or the 10th time, be prepared to make a wishlist and know exactly what you want before arriving at the store or shopping online. It is always best to prepare accordingly because there are a lot of people who are shopping this sale and things will sell out fast. 

Ex. I was at one of the Nordstrom locations near me and a few of my items were either sold out at the store or not sold in the store.

Who Has Access First?

There are four tiers you could fall into if you’re wondering whether you’re able to shop the Early Access sale or General Access. Find the breakdown below.

July 6: Early Access for cardmembers with Icon status.

July 7: Early Access for cardmembers with Ambassador status.

July 9: Early Access for cardmembers with Influencer status.

July 15: Anniversary Sale opens to the general public.

*The Anniversary Sale ends July 31st.

So, from July 6 - 14, as a Nordy Member, you have the opportunity to shop either online or at the store.

Side note: I was able to go during Early Access because my mom is an Icon member. So I went on the 9th. Shhh…That stays between me and you.

If you’re a card member, you’ll receive something in the mail prior to the event taking place, notifying you of the time you’re able to come to the store or begin shopping online or you can check out your status by logging into your account.

You WILL have to use your Nordy credit card for purchases during this time. This is a way for the associates to know that you’re eligible to shop.


  1. How Was the Fitting?

  1. The majority of the pieces I was interested in trying on ran a tad big. I wear a size XS or S in tops and 00 in pants. I am also 5’0.”

These are the items that were my usual size Small, however they ran a bit too big. The location I shopped didn’t have sizes smaller than an XS or they didn’t have anything smaller than a S. It was kind of disappointing but I was still happy with my purchases and I didn’t go over budget.

Even though they may not have anything in stores, they’ll more than likely have it online. I also found that some items I tried on were online for a smaller size (XXS or XS) that I would have needed. 

  1. Was There a lot of Items to Choose From?

  1. Things were roped off and sectioned off by brand. I believe when the sale opens to the public, they’ll have more for people to choose from because I saw items that are a part of the sale online but they weren’t at the store.

  • There’s a lot of people shopping online. I will say there’s of course, a lot to choose from and also a lot more in stock than at the store. 

  • There were a lot of people who were coming to pick their items up because there were a lot of yellow bags hanging up. So this may also be the reason why it was so quiet and calm lol.

  • When I arrived, I was first surprised that there weren’t so many people there but I also saw that there weren’t many options to choose from.

  1. How Was Nordstrom Set Up at the Mall?

  1. Everything was spaced out and organized.

  1. My Thoughts at My First Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  1. Even though I was surprised not many people were there…on a Saturday at 5 pm, I was very pleased at how calm and organized everything was. I personally don’t like to shop when there’s a ton of people at the store. 

What I didn’t enjoy was that there weren’t a ton to choose from. I understand there were probably people that came the first day and racked up but it didn’t seem like it. It seemed as though, there were only a few select items they showcased and that was it, 

In my opinion, I would purchase my items online but I would make sure to become a Nordy member so you’re able to purchase them early. That way, whatever doesn’t fit or they just don’t work, you still have time to send it back.

  1. What I Decided to Purchase

Click the photos to purchase these items for yourself.

Polar Fleece Plaid Shacket - $32.99


Mix Pattern Plaid Long Sleeve Boyfriend Dress - $58.90


Houston Sneaker - $99.99

I hope this information was helpful and answered any questions you may have had. If you have any additional questions or would love to share your Anniversary Sale experience please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Stay Tuned: I will be back to provide you with my review as a General Shopper where I’ll answer the question, “The Difference Between Shopping as a Nordy Member and a General Shopper.”

Talk soon 🤍

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