My Go-To Pieces of Clothing

If you follow me, you know I love jeans but I honestly didn’t know how much of an obsession it was until I took a long hard look at my closet lol. This is the majority of what you’ll see when you view my closet.  This is a must have.  You can never go wrong with this piece.

                                          Click here to shop this look.

I have many blazers in my closet but this is my favorite.  I mean, honestly, I try not to take too many photos with this blazer just to give it a break but it’s so hard.  You can also pair this with any other article of clothing and change the way the outfit looks, from day, to night, to work.  Blazers are no longer just for corporate America. They bring that “Boss” feeling to your already amazing personality.  A blazer unleashes something you never thought you had within you.

                                          Click here to shop this look.

Finally, I don’t go anywhere without my blue jean jacket in the car.  This kind of jacket is my go to.  I recently paired it with my simple black dress to actually create a casual look.  It’s something you can throw on and not worry about if it goes with your outfit.  It provides an airy and also warm feel.  Like goldilocks.  It’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s just right. 

                                          Click here to shop this look.

FYI: Every outfit is available on the LTK app.

I loved sharing my go-to pieces with you!  Comment below and let me know what is one of your go-to pieces of clothing? 



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