My Most Worn Items From September

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my most worn items by now. Yeah, they’re pretty obvious. I’ve decided to break it down by month. Since the month of October has just begun...somewhat, let’s revisit September.

September was the start of Fall but the end of Summer...well for some of us. In September, it was still pretty hot but since then, where I’m located currently, which is in East Tennessee, it’s cooled down a little.

September for me was a rush because I wanted to wear my Summer outfits as long as I possibly could before October came around.

I honestly tried to stay away from jeans because it was so hot at certain times during the day.

But let’s finally get to 5 of my most worn items from September. My most worn items really introduces me to the opportunity of getting outside of my comfort zone and exploring new ways to wear my clothes and stop being ashamed of my body.

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Sandals. Ya’ll probably think I’m sad but I don’t like my feet. I don’t like feet period. However, I don’t mind having my feet out when I have a pedicure...of course but they don’t stay out long. I’ll hide them behind my socks. When I wear sandals, I prefer slides. I can’t stand wearing a thong in between my toes because it rubs against my feet and it’s a very uncomfortable situation. I also like wedges. They may seem like old news but I’ll keep them around. They provide me with comfort but also style.

Shorts. This is definitely me stepping outside of my comfort zone because for the longest time, I didn’t like my legs. Of course, I put that to the side and I enjoyed it.

T-shirts. I am a t-shirt fan. I like to keep it as simple as possible because guess what, when I need to, I can always dress up simple.

Dresses. I’m all for t-shirt dresses. They are super comfortable. I don’t have to do much but slip them on, add sandals or sneakers and I’m ready to go. I like to be comfortable and as casual as I can, especially when it’s hot.

Joggers. Yep. You read that right. They are so comfortable, loose fitting, and lightweight. Perfect for the Summer and Spring. When I really didn't want to wear jeans, I’d wear joggers.

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