A Luxury Hair Product with an Affordable Price Tag: Too Good to be True?

I not only love trying new products but I also love providing my personal review on it. I enjoy being able to tell y’all how the product worked, if I would recommend it, and if it’s affordable. I enjoy trying products that I’ve heard of before and also products that I haven’t because this gives me the opportunity to try it but also to go outside of my normal and take y’all along with me.

This product I’m about to share with you, is one that I’ve shared twice already in my stories. So, if you’re not one who visits my stories, this is a lot of times where you’ll get the heads up of new things I’m sharing and a daily dose of my everyday, ordinary life. Also, information as such is also in my newsletter so make sure to subscribe before you leave here so you can continue being in the know.

Alright let’s finally get to what y’all came here for. One day, I decided to head into Target to purchase a new leave-in conditioner (Target is also where I usually get my original leave-in). I wanted to try something different, because there were a lot of new products out there, more geared to my hair type and I wanted to try it out.

I immediately saw this brand out of the corner of my eye but decided to go in there for something different. I took a look at how much product you receive from this brand and the price and it was much more worth it than what I initially came in there for.

What is this brand? This brand is, Kristin Ess. Yes, I know, I haven’t heard of her before either and a little secret about me is that I love looking people up to see who they are and I did. She is a Celebrity hairstylist who obviously knows hair. Not just one hair type but all hair types and I was intrigued to know more. I knew which one would work for my hair type because at the bottom of the bottle, she has it labeled for the specific hair type this particular product would work best for. I love that little detail. 

Why I chose this brand? This brand was different and unique. I also loved the packaging but what really sold me was the inclusivity of the hairstylist. She provides hair products for every type of hair. So I’m saying it once. I highly recommend you check this out!

What did I purchase? I purchased the Ultra Hydrating Curl Leave-in Cream.

How big is the bottle? 8.45 Fl. oz. and I love that for the price!

How much is it? $10!!  It can't get any better than this!

I know that she has hair oil I would like to try as well as the shampoo and conditioner. She literally has something for everyone and it doesn’t just stop at shampoo and conditioner but everything you need from wet styling, dry styling, leave-in conditioner, curl, scalp, fragrance free, gloss. She even has hair accessories.

How is the product I’m using? The product is amazing!! I haven’t had any issues with it. I will say it was a little overpowering with the floral fragrance when I initially applied it to my hair but I’ve used it twice more so far and haven't had that issue anymore. The only time I can really smell something is if I bring my hair to my face or smell the inside of my bonnet.

This product works wonders on my hair. It has brought the luster to my hair when I style it as well as when I take it down. The moisture and the luster is locked in and I love that.  Because it locks in the moisture, it keeps my hair smooth a soft all day, every day.  The bottle that I use is a spray bottle. I haven’t had any issues with it nor any backup from it. The product is very light. It honestly looks like a lighter version of lotion when I spray it in my hand. I do apply a good amount to portions of my hair because my hair is so thick and this product is lighter.

Do you know where else her products are located? I’ve only seen her products so far in both Target and Ulta.

If you try it, let me know by commenting back on my blog or tagging me in your post/stories. I’d love to know what you think.



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