Skinny Jeans Are Out?!

I love how fashion choices that once were lame...just like that word, are coming back bigger and better. It’s crazy how even though monochrome, gingham (yes a picnic table pattern), straight legged, flare out, boot cut jeans, shoulder pads, and my favorite, cottagecore dresses, are making a comeback in a better and different way.

Gingham Styles


 Puff Short Sleeve Dress    3/4 Sleeve Vaile Top     Sleeveless Button Dress


We as generations, young and old have changed names of clothing from a certain name for one generation to a different name for another.  Example: The younger generation know wide legged jeans as “flared” while older generations called them “bell bottoms.” Just like what happens in music.

Flared Jeans


Sofia Vergara Jeans       Ripped Flare Jeans      High Rise Jeans


It’s fascinating when you think about it, how now a new generation, GenZ is stating skinny jeans are old. WHAT?! Look I don’t care what anyone thinks, what I’m doing is keeping my skinny jeans, why? Because I like them and they fit my petite frame to a “T.” But poor kids, they don’t know they're going back to the 90s with a generational style they’re calling “old.” 


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Sometimes it’s hard keeping up with the “new trends.”  I don’t know about you but what I’ve been doing is just holding onto a few pieces that I know will be back in style before I know it such as skinny jeans...heck skinny everything is out. I mean, what am I supposed to do as a skinny petite person? They better be lucky I like wearing a few baggy items.

What do you think about the wardrobe change for 2021? Are you with it or against it?

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