What Does Your Closet Say About You?

What colors draw you towards them? For me, despite the season, I’m always drawn to Fall colors. They provide a richness to them, to the texture, to the design. It’s kind of like a combination between a pop of color and subtlety.

Instead of talking about what each color means, we’re going to talk about what they mean to you.

Have you ever realized what colors your closet is considered mostly of? I think about this all of the time and then I say to myself, that I need to get more of a certain color for an event that may or may not happen sometime in the future.

Red is considered a bold color. However, there’s also other colors such as yellow that’s also a primary color that’s bold but these two colors are bold in their own way and they bring something out of you that means two totally different things. Red means to be bold in taking action. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things you’ve only dreamed of doing. It provides a certain boost of confidence within yourself.

Yellow is bright but gentle. It’s sweet, fun, and vibrant. More people who have a bold personality and who like color...and bright colors at that, tend to gravitate more to this color.

Besides these two colors, what colors bring the best out of you? What colors make you change into the person you’ve always wanted to become?

Today, when/if you’re home, take a look at your closet and understand what you see. I not only gravitate towards Fall colors, like, forest green, wine/burgundy, brown, and rust/burnt orange but I’ve learned that every time even when I want to try a different color, I always go right back to my original color scheme. I like how they look on me, on my skin. I like how they make me feel. These colors make me feel like I can conquer the world. They make me feel bold in my own way. They make me feel classy and elegant. I also appreciate that I’m getting the best of both worlds...color but not overbearing.

You see, everything that I mentioned about the colors that I wear, make me feel the same way red and yellow make others feel.

So, I say all of this for you to look at your closet and take a look at a color scheme you probably never thought existed. We all have it but we never really paid attention. We all have a reason as to why we choose the colors we do but we don’t really talk about it because there’s maybe a stigma attached to it that we don’t want others to know about.

It’s okay. Love the colors that make you feel like you. Don’t try to change your wardrobe for someone else. I know for me, I was thinking about going back to my original neutral colors, which I still love but I also like to incorporate some color in between. I like my style. I like the colors that compliment me. I hope you look at your closet the way I look at mine and appreciate your style and your variety of color because it fits your personality and it makes you who you are.

I hope this color scheme turned motivational post helped you in some way lol.

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