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Manna Book Review

This is a religious book, yes, but if you’ve been questioning what’s been going on in your life and this book seems to fit in with what may be going on, please read. If you have gone/are experiencing something like this, please read.

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Stories That Stick Book Review

When I look for the next book to read, I’m looking to see how it can help me improve in life, you know, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I want to be the best I can be and sometimes you can’t rely on someone telling you but you have to find it for yourself and one of the best ways of doing that is by reading. Now, before I get into my book review, I want to let you know that this is only my opinion.  After my personal review, this book may or may not be for you but the second reason for this review is to allow you to know what this book was all about...in a nutshell before...

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My Top 5 Beach Reads for the Summer

This may be the best book of all time, hands down!!  I’m telling you God brought this book in my life for a reason.  I love this book with all of my heart. It has changed my way of thinking and of scheduling my life.  If you haven’t read this book, please stop procrastinating and read it.  It will help you in life.

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