Manna Book Review

When I was looking for another book to read, I came across “Manna: When You’re Out of Options, God Will Provide.”  The title alone summed up my entire situation.  I’ve been going through a “wilderness” season where I’ve gotten closer to God, trusting Him wholeheartedly, having faith in the day to day and learning about the path He has me on. 

Have you ever gone/are going through a season in your life where you don’t know what’s going on, why God placed you in the position you’re in, you feel like you’re in a holding pattern, you’re trying to understand it but none of it is making sense, and you’re depleted financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and don’t know how you’re going to get through?

God is teaching you to trust only Him.  Every single time you think you won’t make it, at the right time he makes it possible for you.  He sees you through.  It may always seem like it’s at the last minute but God shows up right on time. 

Manna is written by Steve Farrar who talks about his own times when God provided for him.

If you’re not familiar with the story in the Bible, Manna was given to the Israelites when God brought them out of Egypt where they were slaves for King Pharaoh for 400 years. The Israelites were led by Moses who was God’s messenger. God took them through the desert (the wilderness), where they stayed for 40 years but throughout those 40 years, God never left them. In fact, He provided food (Manna) that would come from the sky every single day. They didn’t have to worry about where their next meal was coming from because He made sure they were taken care of each day. Read Exodus 16 to finish the story.

Along the way in my journey, God has revealed to me more of why I was in this “wilderness” season and all the while He has provided for me in ways I can’t explain but so blessed that He has and continues to.

Manna is an amazing book to read for clarification as to why you may be going through what you’re going through.  Because honestly, initially I thought I wasn’t doing enough.  I thought it was my fault.  I will honestly say that if you haven’t experienced going through a “drought” season in your life, it’s hard to understand but then again, think about an event that took place in your life where you didn’t know how you were going to make it, where the money was going to come from, if the relationship was going to last, if you would ever have a family, if you were going to get the job/promotion.  An unexplainable miracle happened that no one else could have made happen but God.  He saw you through with a negative diagnosis, with the ability to pay your bills, with your relationship restored, doctors saying you wouldn’t be able to become pregnant or carry a baby full term or you’ve been having issues with infertility but you just welcomed a child into this world, you got the job/promotion you were hoping for.  That’s Manna. That’s a “well timed help.” - Steve Farrar.

This is a religious book, yes, but if you’ve been questioning what’s been going on in your life and this book seems to fit in with what may be going on, please read.  If you have gone/are experiencing something like this, please read.  If you want to learn more about the provision of God, read the Bible and read this. There’s so many scriptures in this book, which I love.  

I hope you enjoy this book.  It only has 10 chapters and they are long but it’s so worth it.

Happy reading!



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