My Top 5 Beach Reads for the Summer

Ever since I’ve gotten back to reading and reading consistently, my goal is to read as many books as I possibly can for the remainder of this year and even though I don’t have that opportunity of literally reading on the beach, my couch or balcony will have to suffice. 

I’m sharing my top 5 books and why you need to read them this Summer. 

Let’s get reading!!

Atomic Habits by James Clear

First up, this may be the best book of all time, hands down!!  I’m telling you God brought this book in my life for a reason.  I love this book with all of my heart. It has changed my way of thinking and of scheduling my life.  If you haven’t read this book, please stop procrastinating and read it.  It will help you in life.

Acres of Diamonds by Pastor Jentezen Franklin

If you’re a fan or have listened to at least one message from Pastor Jentezen Franklin, then you know how great he is.  He’s not only an amazing pastor but an amazing author.  I’ve read his Fasting book as well and that’s helped me through so many trials in my life and understand more about Fasting.

I’m currently reading this book now, I’m half-way done with this book.  A lot of what God has already told me or what I’ve had questions about, God has truly spoken through this book.  What I’ve gone through was not anything lost but an absolute gain and has helped me grow my relationship with God and understand that where I am today is only by His grace and the decision I’ve made by staying on the path He has me on.

Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall


I know you’ve heard about this book and wondered if it was a good read, well I’m still waiting to see for myself.  I’ve recently ordered this book from Amazon and can’t wait to receive it. 

It’s a business book that helps make clear how to appropriately tell stories that your audience wants to hear.  It also provides the opportunity to share your life in story form that comes across clearly to your audience and potential brands who may want to work with you.  I heard about this book from Mattie James (@themattiejames).  She’s talked about this book many times and has raved about it so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Forgive What You Can’t Forget by Lysa Terkeurst

This is a book I’ve been noticing myself coming to multiple times and I’m like, “Is this something I really need to read?”  

We’ve all gone through those times of trying to figure out if we should forgive what others have done to us and we toy with the fact that it takes a lot to forgive a person that has or continues to do you wrong...especially when it’s family.  

I’d like to think that the majority of us know that in order for us to move forward in our lives, we have to forgive the hurt that has been caused and know that the only way we’re able to move forward in our lives is to forgive that particular person...for us.  This is a part of the healing process.  I’ve been leaning more towards this book feeling like there’s more to it that I need to read and when I finish, I can’t wait to share it with you.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I just finished reading a literal beach read...well only a small snippet of the first chapter.  I must say, it is darn good.  I haven’t read a book like this in a while and I can really see myself reading this book.

It’s based in 1983 in Malibu about this family who have lived in Malibu their entire lives.  While things have taken a turn for the worst for one of the oldest siblings, it’s going to take an even crazier and unexpected turn full of shame, guilt, hate, and much more. 

If this book seems familiar, that’s because it is.  It was last seen on the Today show.  Jenna Bush Hager was talking about how good of a read it was.  I like to do my own research when it comes to finding the best books for me and here they are.

So please, take the time to read a little about the book to see if it’s something that catches your interest.  I was able to read a little bit on both Malibu Rising and Forgive What You Can’t Forget on Amazon.  

If you’ve read any of these books or are thinking about reading them, please let me know.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Reading, 


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