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How to Shop Your Closet

Have you recently looked in your closet lately?  I mean actually stopped and looked at what you have?  For a while I didn’t.  I’ll honestly say I didn’t know how I was going to shoot content with a limited amount of clothing.  I couldn’t shop much because I had to pay bills. Yes, it’s just me and my dog and one paycheck. I had to slow my spending and really take a closer look at what I actually had.  I was thinking, “How am I going to share with them something I have when everything is out of season?”  Well first of all, you didn’t know that and plus I didn’t know that I could always provide an alternative to...

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Manna Book Review

This is a religious book, yes, but if you’ve been questioning what’s been going on in your life and this book seems to fit in with what may be going on, please read. If you have gone/are experiencing something like this, please read.

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