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Skinny Jeans Are Out?!

I love how fashion choices that once were lame...just like that word, are coming back bigger and better. It’s crazy how even though monochrome, gingham (yes a picnic table pattern), straight legged, flare out, boot cut jeans, shoulder pads, and my favorite, cottagecore dresses, are making a comeback in a better and different way.

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How to Travel Lightly

As promised, here are the travel tips we originally went over earlier this week: I would recommend you get a carry-on sized luggage that’s durable. I like the different styles and colors that other luggage offers but sometimes it’s about durability over looks. Also, make sure to get luggage that has the most storage. That way you’ll have more compartments to store more items. We all know how TSA likes to throw luggage around, so please get something that’s black, blue or grey. Whatever dark color you prefer, get it to hide the wear and tear.       What to Pack: Make sure to pack as light as you can. My suitcase (shown above), can hold at least 7...

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