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Things to Do Before You Start a Family

A few years ago, I thought my life would be so much simpler, more traditional, where you go to school, get a job in your field, get married, have kids, and live your life until you retire. Welp, God had other plans for my future and it will include these but definitely not in this order. The timing God has for me to come into what I’m believing in, will surely come, just not in the time I had planned. Your time is coming so what do you do for the time being? Find out what you want to do before you have a family and do it. Travel: You’ve probably heard people say this many times and it’s so...

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Love the Ones Who Love You

I’ve been away for a while for a reason.  While in the process of life events and moving pieces, I want to tell you that I couldn’t have done this without God but my side.  What I’ve learned through this process is that I don’t need anyone except God on my side...or so I thought. Well that’s how it was for the past several months. I was great with everything that was happening, down to every inch. Nothing that has happened is because of me. It’s because of the wisdom God has given me. I’m so proud of myself to trust Him, to lean on Him entirely to get me where I am. To step outside of my comfort zone. ...

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