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Seeking the Right Help

Why are we purchasing these self-help books for guidance, why are we going to seminars to listen to people speak for an hour, why are we going to therapy for our issues, why are we paying for how-to programs on social media, why are doing all of these things when we can go to God for help? Read this carefully. It’s okay for us to do any of this. Nothing is wrong with it but there comes a time in our life where we look at how often we’re doing this.  We’ve now gotten to the point where we go to others for help more if not all of the time before we go to God. We ask people to...

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Take the Easy Route

I found myself yelling at God to get me out, to give me something else. What I realized during our conversation, He was telling me, I want you to stay in it. Every test I placed you in before, you cried for a way out. I gave you an out and you took it. It didn’t matter if it was a job or a relationship. You don’t know how to stay in something when it gets hard.

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