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One Reason that Causes Depression

I was praying last night and wondered why I went into a depressive state. I didn’t know it at that time but I didn’t give my all to God. I suppressed a lot of my feelings instead of releasing it all to Him.  I cried and wanted Him to fix my problems but I didn’t tell Him everything that was going on with me and just yesterday, at that moment in our conversation, I realized that this is one reason why we go into depression.

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Seeking the Right Help

Why are we purchasing these self-help books for guidance, why are we going to seminars to listen to people speak for an hour, why are we going to therapy for our issues, why are we paying for how-to programs on social media, why are doing all of these things when we can go to God for help? Read this carefully. It’s okay for us to do any of this. Nothing is wrong with it but there comes a time in our life where we look at how often we’re doing this.  We’ve now gotten to the point where we go to others for help more if not all of the time before we go to God. We ask people to...

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