Best Ways to Unwind for the Weekend

After a long work week, the best thing and only thing you really want to do is unwind. Unwind from all of the chaos. Regroup and prepare for the weekend. Sometimes, we don’t know what to actually do to unwind. Especially busy bodies like myself. I thought I’d share a few options you can partake in when trying to unwind from a long week.

Take this time to sit back and relax and enjoy the moment. It’s another way for you to pamper yourself and give yourself the alone time you deserve.

Watch a movie or catch up on a show. I’ve made it a special day for me and my followers on my IG Stories where I share my review on at least 5 movies I’ve watched during the week around 8pm case y'all want to join ;)

Read a magazine
I’ve had the opportunity to try a few out for free for 2 months from Books - A - Million. It’s another way to get inspiration and give your brain a break.

Get some air.
Joyride. Take a walk. Walk your dog. These options and more allow you to get away from the stress of your phone and others. It allows you to breathe and explore new places. Go on your very own adventure. Take this time to decompress and be one with nature.

Take a nap.
Catch up on sleep if you can. As much as I like to stay up for as long as I possibly can, my body doesn’t always allow it. It’s so important to listen to your body.

Just recently, I made Eggplant Parmesan and it was the best dish I’ve had in a very long time. It was so good. Try your hand at cooking. You can’t say that you don’t cook or you can’t when you haven’t tried. Heck, a lot of my dishes come from Pinterest. Try something really small that doesn’t take a lot of time nor ingredients. Just give it a try. You’ll be happy you did.

Get out of town.
Nope, it’s not just an expression but it’s literal. Pamper yourself by getting a hotel room and staying in a different part of the state you’re in or taking a road trip to a nearby state. When you unwind and let things go...such as work, you begin to feel free. You begin to feel better. You begin to feel more relaxed and build that personal relationship with yourself.

I hope these options help you to unwind during the weekend. I hope you have a great time! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive info on new blogging content, new sales and exclusive info before anyone else. Only in your inbox.



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