How to Stay Positive

It’s so hard to stay positive especially with everything still going on today. But you know what? Positivity is what keeps us moving forward. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’m all about positivity and encouragement. However, there are some times when I don’t want to be positive because what I’m going through is so deep that it doesn’t seem as though there’s any hope of me getting out of it anytime soon.

Below, I’m sharing some ways you can stay positive even through your most difficult times.

Pray. A lot of us put prayer as the last result or during the final stages of life (when we know or think we or someone we know is going to die). Instead of waiting until the last minute to pray, start your day off with prayer.

When you start your day off with prayer, you’re starting on a high note. You want to start your day off knowing that you started with positivity, that today is going to be a great day.

Usually when you do this, no bad things really happen and if you have a little hiccup, it doesn’t phase you because of your intentionality to start your day with positivity.

Exercise. Get your body moving. When your body is happy and active, it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Think about it, when you’re slumped over and sitting down, waiting for time to pass, you’re going to be more groggy.

I would start becoming active at the start of the day. How you feel at the start of the day, is the trajectory of how your day will continue and end.

*You don’t have to do anything strenuous, just do something as simple as walking for 10 min and you can build from there. Even if you just want to go outside to get fresh air, do it.

Listen to a podcast. I did this when I was at my worst job ever a couple of years ago. Even when I would go into work with the most positive attitude, it felt like it was someone’s mission to ruin it. I began listening to “Woman Evolve” with Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Her podcast kept me uplifted and encouraged throughout the day.

It provided me with the extra covering I needed to continue my day without worrying about the distraction and destruction of someone else.

Write. Okay hear me out. Writing is soothing for the spirit. Honestly, when we have issues we’re dealing with, it hits “deep to the core.” Which is technically the spirit. When people say, it’s good to take care of your heart, mind, body, and spirit, it’s for a reason. All of this is a part of you. It’s what makes you who you are by what you take in and give out.

When you take care of your spirit, I feel as though it sets the tone for everything else to fall in line. Just to remind you, that means you have to start getting deep with understanding who you are and being okay with facing flaws and accepting them.

When you begin to write your feelings or affirmations on a page, you begin to be truthful with yourself. To me, it’s kind of like looking at yourself in the mirror. You can’t lie no matter how hard you try because everything you’re thinking is coming out on paper or device…your preference.

Change your circle. Yep. I went there. This is a part of the problem. You are trying so hard to keep your circle of friends and family members. Oh yes! Even family. You’re being weighed down with their problems and negativity unknowingly.

I’ve tried developing friendships with people but it didn’t work. I thought maybe they were having a bad day or week and then I began to understand a pattern with their reactions. It was intentional. They actually wanted to create problems…for many reasons. I also tried helping them with what they were going through but it wasn’t for me to fix. They kept creating the problem. They were the problem!!


If you try to hold onto people like that, they’ll drag you along with them. You’ll be in a situation that’ll be hard for you to get out of.

Associate yourself with people who are encouraging and are supportive. Get around people who want to see you thrive. Get around people who celebrate your wins and who are also there when you fall. Get around people who encourage you to be better in every way.

We’re all different and so we thrive differently. Whether it be in a space where it’s just us and God, us with a couple of great friends, or us with a community. Find what works best for you.

I hope this helps you on your positive journey. If you have anything else you want me to share, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.



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