If It's Crazy Do It!


Even when things look /sound crazy, do it!

We’re so used to waiting until someone else has done it before we do it.  We do this because we fear rejection and mistakes.  We pause too see if this is something we’re really supposed to do.

You need to stop looking around for someone else when God has called you.

He’s waiting to bless you out of obedience.  He’s waiting to share with you the plans He has for your life and the lives of others, how you’re going to be blessed to be a blessing.

When God has called you to do something, which is usually out of the ordinary, out of your comfort zone, crazy (Hey! Shoutout to Pastor Mike Todd who lives a “crazy” life based on “Crazy” Faith) , He wants to know will you make excuses or will you step up?  Will you say let not my will but your will be done?

How willing are you to step out of the boat into the unknown?  Don’t worry about what may happen, focus on the One who has called you.  Wouldn’t you want to say you stepped into/you were a part of the purpose God had for you?  

The first question we ask ourselves is, “Is it going to be easy?”  Your question should be, “Am I willing to do for God what He has so graciously done for me?”

When you follow God, you’re following a path that is unknown, that you can’t see because He doesn’t want to reveal something to you prematurely.  You may have expected the opportunity to follow God on this unimaginable journey but He knows that if He reveals too much too soon, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.

So when you obey, others will follow.  God wants you to be the example.  The leader.  To tell your story to others so they will know, if she/he can do it surely I can.

We have a famous word to call people like this who step out on faith, into the unknown.  We call them trailblazers.  If it weren’t for them answering the call and obeying, we wouldn’t be or have the things we have now. (insert your trailblazer here)

If God didn’t send His only son, Jesus to die on the Cross for our sins, we wouldn’t have the grace and mercy, the unconditional love, the freedom we now have.

Know that you are important, you have a purpose.  God created you in His image.  You are loved...not after you change but who you are right now.  Your sins have been wiped away.

As I was writing this, God wanted me to connect a dot for you.

The sin that took place in Genesis 6:5-22 is the same sin that took place later in Exodus and beyond until we get to the New Testament.  I believe God thought the sin would wash away during the flood in salt water but soon after when the Israelites entered the story, sin was once again, alive and functioning.  So I believe God said, “No more.” “I’m going to come myself and make sure I settle this sin issue once and for all.”  That’s where we pick it up in the New Testament and read about a little baby boy being born from a virgin to later tell the woman at the well that He is the Living water.  Until 2-3 years later, He dies on the Cross and washes away all of the sin by being completely pure, completely Holy.  The pure and Holy blood was shed and the broken and wounded body was left hanging on the Cross that day for all to see.  Only to rise again on the third day and become the Holy Spirit (aka the third person of the Holy Trinity) we come to know and love.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank you for your sacrifice.  I thank you that you haven’t given up on us.  I thank you that you are waiting for us patiently to answer the call.  I pray you open our minds, hearts, and spirits to see what you see.  I pray you take us by the hand and lead and guide us where you have us to go.  I open up my life for you to come in and make yourself a home.  I want what you have for me.  My way didn’t work and I’m tired of hiding in the shadows when you called me to be front and center.  Give me the strength, give me the anointing, give me the ability to walk, act, talk, think, move, and live like you.  Change me.  Renew me.  I am yours.

In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.  Thank you.



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