Is Speaking in Tongues Fake?

Whenever I attended church when I was younger even to just last year, I wondered if the people who broke out in speaking tongues were faking or were they really filled with the Holy Spirit?

Y’all, I just want to say I’m sorry for sharing my deep inner thoughts with you but this was a real question to me. I mean I would see them just began to shout and speak in tongues and music didn’t begin nor the message.

I was thinking to myself, this is not my element. They’re going to expect me to do this and it ain’t me.

But I realized what I was observing wasn’t an act but a relationship built on the One who sacrificed everything for us to have a relationship with God and for our sins wiped clean.

I realized that everyone was on a different journey and I couldn’t view those people as someone who hasn’t gone through anything in their life.

As I’ve gotten older, I began to understand why people speak in tongues and it’s another way for people to communicate with God. But this way is like a top secret clearance that can only be accessed if you have a relationship with God, where you’re spending time, obeying, praying, reading His Word, and listening to Him. Like, you spend more time with God than you ever have. You spend more time with God than talking to family, watching tv, listening to music. This is an opportunity for you and God to commune without distractions. You become more aligned with Him in the image He has created you for.

When you do this, words, messages, songs, and other things related to God hits you differently. It’s like you’re aware of negativity in the world but it’s non existent when God is involved. You’re on cloud nine and can’t get down. You view life and situations differently. Nothing can penetrate the amount of love and time you have with God. You have more confidence in yourself and God knowing that nothing will crumble.

P.S. Even though speaking in tongues is a great gift to have, it's not the end all be all.  God just wants you.  He wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to surround you with His presence.  Are you willing to be surrounded by our Almighty God who is All Sufficient?

Read to get a better understanding of speaking in tongues -> 1 Corinthians 14

Prayer: Heavenly Father,

I pray you speak life into us at this moment.  I pray you help us to understand who you are and what you're doing in our lives.  Many of us want to have the gift of speaking in tongues and/or other gifts but I pray you equip us.  I pray you transform us.  I pray you prepare us for that specific journey.  It is not easy but with you, it is possible.  I pray we begin if not, continue building our relationship with you as it is more important to have a relationship with you and get to know you as our Father than a gift that we can always access later.  You are amazing and it's such an honor and a privilege to have you in our lives.  We continue to worship you, bless you, and praise your Holy Name.  You are Worthy, Lord.  You are awesome.  Thank you for being you.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Love, Janelle


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