Love the Ones Who Love You

I’ve been away for a while for a reason.  While in the process of life events and moving pieces, I want to tell you that I couldn’t have done this without God but my side. 

What I’ve learned through this process is that I don’t need anyone except God on my side...or so I thought. Well that’s how it was for the past several months.

I was great with everything that was happening, down to every inch. Nothing that has happened is because of me. It’s because of the wisdom God has given me. I’m so proud of myself to trust Him, to lean on Him entirely to get me where I am. To step outside of my comfort zone. 

Just recently, I took a trip with my mom and it was a good one but it could’ve been better. When we arrived back home, I understood more, in hindsight that I could’ve been better. We both could’ve been. 

See, I like to be perfect and when I plan to do something, I don’t plan on anything changing those plans unless God says so.  I didn’t want help from anyone in my family. Only God.  I didn’t want to hear feedback because I didn’t want it to persuade me into plans that weren’t my own.  I want it to do my own thing my way.  I want to stay focused on what God has planned and make sure no one else’s plans or ideas are interjected.

After thinking about things for a while, I realized that I can shut my family out as much as I think I can but they aren’t going anywhere.  Before I called my mom this morning, I came to the conclusion that we can upset each other so much but when everything subsides, she’s always there and I can’t stay mad at her nor anyone else. 

They’re just there to help. 

I guess all I was looking for was for them to just say, “Okay” instead of always providing their opinion. But as I think about it, first, they’re family. Second, they keep popping up like Whack-A-Mole so they’re not going anywhere. Third, why am I upset?  I can’t change it. 

When it’s all said and done, I’m leaving it all to God, meaning, I’m not going to worry about anything and I need to know and understand that I’m blessed with a family who cares.  That’s all that matters. 

Love and accept the ones who love you. 

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