Show Up for Yourself

I’ve centered myself back around to my “WHY.” 

Why am I doing this?

Who am I doing this for?

Is this what God told me to do?

Am I pleasing God or someone else?

Am I stressing myself out?

Am I following God’s plan for my life or am I following my own?

Questions such as these are major ones that I constantly ask myself. It’s in a way a guide to make sure I stay connected to God and what He has called me to do and to make sure I’m not trying to impress anyone or do all of this for likes and popularity. 

It’s hard because there’s so much going on and we always try to find the best way to stand out from the crowd. For me, I have to learn to slow things down, not to get ahead of myself or God and know that the right doors and the right people will listen. 

We get to a point in our business where we want things to work out so badly, we become desperate. We then get to a point where we would just like for anyone to be interested in our product or our conversation. Anytime we get to this point, we have gone overboard. We’re trying to do something and be someone we’re not.

At this point, we’re beginning to show up for others and not for ourselves. During this time, we can burn out, we can lose control of ourselves and our business, we can become desperate and do anything just to fit in instead of standing out.

God didn’t give us a vision, tell us to write it down, plan it, and act on it for us to run it to the ground or to give up because nothing’s working. He gave it to us because He knew we could handle it. He knew we would be successful at it. He’s the One who gave us the gifts. (2 Peter 1:3).

We have to take a step back and ask ourselves, what am I doing? Is this helping me or harming me? Is this pushing me to be better or submerging me until it’s unbearable?

Am I doing it God’s way or am I trying to use anyone I can to get what I want?

We have to center ourselves around God. He knows what’s best for us (Jeremiah 29:11). It’s hard, I know but honestly, what helps me is to go back to the promise He gave me when I first began. God is not a man that He shall lie (Numbers 23:19). His Word is His promise. He never goes back on it. When He says it, it must come to pass (Psalm 89:34).

Stand on His Word. What is the promise He gave to you when you first began? Hold onto that and use that as your driving force knowing God’s got you and He’s never going to let you go (Deuteronomy 31:8).



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