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Who Is Your First?

Who is your first? Noo not like that. Who is your first point of contact? Our first inclination is to call someone we know. Someone we know usually answers the phone. Someone who is reliable.  We have to learn to make God the FIRST person we call on.  We have to make God our FIRST priority.  Y'all, we should wake up, speak, think, eat, breathe, walk, talk, act, like our Heavenly Father.  Any and every situation we’re in a lot of times, is our own doing.  We thought we were able to take care of it but it quickly fell apart.  There was no foundation.  No support.  

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What Color is Jesus?

Ever thought the reason why people depicted Jesus as either white or black was to simply... This message shines light on a dark place we like to hide.  It's all too familiar but one thing among others, we don't necessarily talk about because it would interrupt the status quo. Today, I want to challenge that status quo and your minds and help you truly read and understand the Bible as you should and not the way of listening to others but listening to God himself, the TRUE author of His own story.

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