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Show Up for Yourself

We get to a point in our business where we want things to work out so badly, we become desperate. We then get to a point where we would just like for anyone to be interested in our product or our conversation. Anytime we get to this point, we have gone overboard. We’re trying to do something and be someone we’re not. At this point, we’re beginning to show up for others and not for ourselves. During this time, we can burn out, we can lose control of ourselves and our business, we can become desperate and do anything just to fit in instead of standing out.

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Being Taught the Word of God

How many of you were told about church and it’s horror stories? How many of you had a life altering issue and it made you question God?  How many of you only attended church for parents or grandmother?  How many of you still attend church? It comes in different forms but what you will see is that it doesn’t matter whether you are currently attending church, heard it through the grapevine, through your own experience, or held against your will, you’re being taught something.

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