One Reason that Causes Depression

I gave up on myself many times before any hard obstacle came around. When God sat me down and had a talk with me, He helped me understand that if I wanted anything to work, it will, but I first need to walk in the wilderness season. 

In this season, I’ve learned to wholeheartedly trust Him, lean on Him, call on Him. While building my relationship with God, He was strengthening the qualities within me that’ll help me withstand the tough times. This time I couldn’t walk away. I had to face it but I didn’t have to do it alone. 

Whatever you’re going through, you don’t have to go at it on your own because God is with you every step of the way. 

When hard times come our way, we think we’re getting the short end of the stick but we’re not because trust me, everyone goes through ups and downs. We will come out of a season only to go into another one but know that God is with you the entire time. (1 Kings 20:22)

What I just learned this week as I listened to Pastor Steven Furtick preach, he read a scripture that has put even more into perspective (1 Kings 20:28).

I don’t want to talk about his entire message but I think this will really help you.  God wants you to not only bring Him your problems but He also wants you to bring your thoughts to Him.  What Pastor Steven was saying is that God wants you to talk to Him about everything. He wants to know what’s on your mind.  Yes, He does know your thoughts before you do but He still wants you to come to Him.  God wants us to be comfortable with Him in confiding in Him.

I was praying last night and wondered why I went into a depressive state. I didn’t know it at that time but I didn’t give my all to God. I suppressed a lot of my feelings instead of releasing it all to Him.  I cried and wanted Him to fix my problems but I didn’t tell Him everything that was going on with me and just yesterday, at that moment in our conversation, I realized that this is one reason why we go into depression.  We don’t express our feelings.  We can’t say that we don’t have anyone to talk to or we don’t have the right words, we do.  I’m an only child and I didn’t have family or friends to talk to because I knew they wouldn’t understand but God would. So I began talking to Him.  God doesn’t want you to come to Him when you have your life together because guess what, you never will. You’re not perfect. None of us are.

When I began to spill it all to Him, I didn’t have all of the words to truly express myself, I felt ashamed because I thought I should’ve been better than that (I had high expectations of how I was supposed to live), and I thought I shouldn’t share my negative thoughts that included other people because I am a God-fearing Christian.  Romans 8:26-27 is the perfect scripture for you if you’re going through this.

Now, even when I still try to hold back on something, God puts it at the forefront of my mind so I just come out and tell Him and when I do, I feel relieved.  I’m not stressed because I just poured my heart out to someone who understands, who provides me with the perfect solution, and who keeps the conversation between just us two.

I hope this relieves you of any rocky feelings you may have about what’s going on in your life.

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