Tips for Falling Asleep

There are many factors as to why you’re not able to fall asleep when you’d like. It’s also hard to create a schedule when other things are taking up your time and that makes it hard to get the proper sleep you need at night. I’ve decided to share a few tips that’ll help you fall asleep better.

Since I now work in the evening, I’ll get home later at night and won’t sleep until at least an hour later. I’m a morning person so I’ve gotten up early to take my dog outside and then I’m trying to get a small workout in, eat breakfast, make sure I have something for lunch, take my dog out, work, take him back out when I arrive home. It’s a new routine that I haven’t been in for a while and because of that it’s thrown everything off.

How to adjust to new changes in your life is to write things down you want to accomplish during the time you have. Make a priority list. Figure out tasks that are more important than others and do those first. If there are some tasks you can hold off on until the next day, then do so. Don't cram so much into so little of time. Choose up to three things that are most important and do those. Once they're done, relax and recharge for the next day. It's important to provide that open time, to get a break. Start winding down instead of having your body to force you to wind down by shutting down.

If you can, it’s best to go to sleep as early as you can. It may seem strange and your body will definitely feel uncomfortable sleeping so early, however you’re trying to set a new routine. It’s all about setting a routine and allowing your body to get accustomed to it. There are also a few methods you can add to your routine that'll help you fall asleep faster:

Eat a healthy snack. This is a great way to jump start your body in falling asleep especially the longer you sit down and your snack is beginning to break down, it slows you down. Your body has something to burn off.

Read a book. 

Exercise. You want to exert energy that will force you to slow down and relax. It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise but it’s important to keep your body active as much as possible. Whenever your body is active in any way, once you're done or you come to a stopping point, your body is slowly coming to a resting stage. 

Take a nice hot bath/shower. I don’t know about you but after getting out of the shower, I feel as though I want to go back to bed. Your muscles have loosened at this point, putting you in a relaxing mode. You also feel less stressed. Try adding Epsom salt to your water, particularly lavender. It’s filled with melatonin, which helps you sleep.

Listen to music or specific sounds on an app. Allow your mind to relax. When your mind relaxes, your body follows. Download an app that allows you to listen to the rain, wind, waves. All of these elements are more relaxing than you'd expect. It doesn't hurt to give it a try. 

Use holistic ways to go to sleep before you turn to medication. Just because you can get it, doesn’t mean it always solves the problem.

My issue is that I feel as though I’ll miss something important or preparing content that needs to be done by a certain time so I don’t have time to sleep. We make ourselves believe that we need to put our jobs or tasks first but all we’re doing is setting ourselves up for disaster. You’ll have a complete burn out, you’ll get sick due to running your body off of “fumes.” You’ll cause yourself to have additional health issues due to the lack of sleep and none of what you’re trying to accomplish is worth sacrificing your health for. You have to always make sure you’re energized to take on the next day.

I hope these tips were helpful and I hope to see you here on Monday! To stay in touch with what’s going on before everyone else, subscribe below!

Have a great weekend and sleep tight.



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