How I Moved to Tennessee Without a JOB!

I talked about my move from my hometown of Illinois to Tennessee before in ("Believe" blog post) but I wanted to add a few things such as, how I chose a very small town to move to when I could’ve moved to the hustle and bustle of Nashville.

I’ve always loved Tennessee.  When I was searching for a graduate school, I made my first trip to Nashville to visit Meharry Medical College (Historically Black College).  I had my eyes set on making the move permanent when I graduated but unfortunately when the time came, it never worked out.  I wasn’t interested in medicine anymore.  I changed my major from Biology to Psychology my last year. 

A few years passed and I felt like God was telling me to move to Tennessee.  I was so happy because it was finally time to do so but there was one bad move on my part that I made, I was looking for a job.  Now you may think, “Well how else were you going to be able to live there?”  God wanted me to move and that’s all He told me but I decided to look into several jobs.  I got an interview and headed to Chattanooga.  This was a great opportunity...until I got back home waiting to hear about the position and nothing.  At that moment, I was devastated but I had faith an opportunity would come. 

Years later...2020, the pandemic hit.  I was in my first apartment knowing that this was the time for me to finally move and I didn’t care if I was going to move during a pandemic.  There was nothing in Illinois and I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could.  I initially looked into moving to Florida but I couldn’t find a job and I didn’t know they were so expensive.  It was hard trying to find something affordable.  Then, I began looking at Charlotte, North Carolina.  I found an apartment that was inexpensive but I couldn’t find a job.  And the place I was looking to rent from, were taking their sweet time contacting me back on simple things.  That’s something I knew I didn’t want to worry about.

While I was initially making major plans to move to Charlotte, I began to feel like something wasn’t right, like I was getting ready to make the worst decision of my life.  I felt like I was tied down to moving there when, in my heart, wasn’t where I needed to be.  So, I called it off.  At the last minute, I began looking into Tennessee.  

I told my mom from our initial visit to Tennessee that I was one day going to move here because there’s so much that I love about it (the nature, the mountains, the history, the South, the food, and the country music)  I said I won’t move to Nashville because it’s too crowded but I’ll move somewhere in Tennessee. 


Flag Pond, TN (on the border of North Carolina)

That’s exactly what I did!  After many prayers, God finally answered.  This was my hidden gem.  It was in a great location (I wanted to live in the country...sort of), it was under budget, and it was brand spanking new!!

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It was nobody but God.  But there was one little...okay, major problem.   I didn’t have a job.  Uh-oh, we’re back to that again.  This time around, I trusted God and I said, if you brought me this far, you’ll make a way.  I saved enough money and moved...with no job and it was the best thing I ever could have done.  It brought me so much happiness knowing I stepped out on total faith to get where I wanted to go.

God continues to keep me.  He continues to supply all of my needs and I am forever grateful.

Have you stepped out on faith lately?  If not, you should. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible.

If you haven’t watched my home tour, it’s available in my highlights.

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  • Daisy

    Love that you stepped out on faith!! So inspiring!

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