Four Ways Your Home Can Have a More Cohesive Look

There are many ways to style your home but have you recently sat back to really analyze your space to see if it flows together?  Have you viewed your space and saw that everything looks the same and it’s completely blah?  What kind of character or dimension are you really looking to have in your space?  What kind of theme are you going for in your home or is everything just thrown together in sections of the house?  I’m going to answer these questions for you for the next few weeks.

Today I’m sharing how to make your living room have a more cohesive look by choosing the best furniture pieces for that space.

When decorating my living room, I wanted to have a modern farmhouse with an industrial flare.  I didn’t want everything to look the same but I wanted every piece to flow together.  

Add shapes: Your walls are already individual boxes and more than likely, it’s compartmentalized into sections of your home, so therefore you don’t want every piece of furniture to give a boxy look.  You want to break up the shapes.  

In my living room, I have a rectangle, a circle, another circle that can become a square (leaflet table), and two hexagons.  I’m breaking up the shapes but making sure they all are wood elements. 
Create balance: You also don’t want too much wood in your home where you’re not breaking it up with softer and lighter elements.  That’s where I break it up a bit with the white coming from my leaflet table.

Be open to different: Also, if you’ve found a few furniture pieces that you didn’t necessarily purchase together, that’s okay.  I didn’t either but I made it work.  I made sure every piece complimented each other.  My TV stand, coffee table, and end tables, all have a hint of that industrial element that pulls everything in for a more cohesive look.

Go to the light: When it came to choosing a sofa, it was pretty hard in making sure I got the right color.  Now, the sofa I have is a little on the darker side.  I wanted one that was a little bit brighter to really give me that true modern farmhouse look but I still enjoy my sofa.  As I mentioned earlier, you want to break up the dark tones in your home with some lighter/softer tones to ultimately bring everything together.


I hope these tips were helpful.  If there’s anything else you would like to see or have questions on, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. 

P.S. Everything I mention here is available on the LTK page. 



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