How to Host for the Holidays

When I moved into my apartment, I wanted to make sure I had somewhere to sleep as well as my family/guests. Hosting for others can be overwhelming especially if you’re a perfectionist and want their stay to go as great as possible. It’s great to always be prepared in how you can accommodate others staying with you because, believe me, you never know when they’ll show up.

Whenever my family comes to visit, mainly my mom, I’ll have her sleep in my bed so I know she’s comfortable and also because I only have one bedroom. I also have a sofa which I only use to take cat naps lol but it’s not one I want to sleep on especially when I want to stretch out. I also like to be cautious of what I decide to get for people who I know will come to visit me. If you have older people or people who have back issues, you want to make sure they are comfortable and able to sleep off of the ground.

I know, you’re probably thinking that’s way too much to think about but you’re just trying to make sure others feel welcomed and comfortable in your home. After all, how you treat them throughout their entire stay, even how they sleep, tells a lot about if you actually care enough to put in a little effort to make sure their stay was a great one. I'm just saying. 

So here are some options you can choose from to make sure you’re comfortable as well as your family/guest(s).

Target - Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper $399.99

Walmart - Intex 20 in Queen Dura-Beam Essential Rest Airbed $84.99

I have a queen sized air mattress because you never know when you or someone else has to share the space...which I’ve had to do with my grandmother and we were very comfortable.

Wayfair - 48" Bed Frame $272.99 

Overstock - Handy Living Fawn Grey Velvet Upholstered Twin size Day Bed $291.37

You don’t have to buy an entire bed if you’re trying to save. You can purchase a daybed with a twin mattress. It’s multipurpose and inexpensive.

Now you can be the best Holiday host ever!



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