How to Make Your Furniture Work in a Small Space: Kitchen Edition

Okay! When I first saw my apartment (I rented it unseen...except for the photos online) I didn’t know if my table would fit in the small space nor did I think I would have enough head clearance since the kitchen counter extended out. I didn’t worry about it because I had a backup plan. If my leaflet table didn’t work, well, there were a few options I could take.

Make it work.

If you need to rearrange some furniture, then go ahead and do that. Move other pieces to opposite ends of the room. Honestly, we get so caught up on certain pieces that have to go in a certain place, that we forget that first of all, it’s your house. Meaning, you can do whatever you want and rearrange furniture however you would like. But I get that you want your pieces to still have a particular place but don’t rule out the option to place furniture or accent pieces in other spots. See example below.

Sell or give to a family member.

Ask around within your family or sell your items to someone on Facebook to see if they’re interested in your pieces. Also, you can use this additional money to purchase new furniture or pay a bill. 

Break up the pieces to go into various rooms. This will also help with clutter.

If you’re not able to have all of your pieces together in one spot, and you don’t want to sell your items because they are still new (like mine), go ahead and separate the pieces. If you have more room in your apartment or home, go ahead and place a chair in a different room in the corner of the room. You can use this chair for additional family or friends who come to visit. 

Purchase new furniture within your budget.

Okay, I know that you’ve probably been waiting for me to finally say this but I always like to give money saving options first. Anyway, if you don’t honestly want to hold onto old furniture and it’s time for you to let the table go, then let’s look at a few places where you can easily either go to or shop online for some new and better options.

When I immediately think of a high top counter, I think of bar stools because that’s kind of why it was built in the first place. It’s also another way to maximize your space especially if you feel like the square footage is already pretty small.

Here are some options along with where you can find great quality bar stools within your budget.

If you have additional space in your apartment or home, you can place your kitchenette/kitchen table in one part of the house and have your stools at the counter.

Important step: Also, if you’re opting to purchase bar stools, make sure to measure the height of your counter first because there are bar stools available in multiple heights.

House of Jade Home

1 2 3


*Each stool is named from left to right.

1. Jax Bar + 
Counter Stool $758

2. Willa Bar +
Counter Stool $758

3. Matilde Outdoor Bar +
Counter Stool $768





1. Worldwide Homefurnishings
Set of 2 $368

2. Armen Living Crux
Cream Walnut Counter $232


West Elm 



1. Slope Outdoor Bar +
Counter Stools $399

2. Windsor Counter Stool $199

3. Woven Round Back
Dining Stool $549


Ballard Designs

12345  6 7


1. Allister Counter Stool $386.10

2. Blakley Seagrass Bar +
Counter Stool $431.10

3. Holden Bentwood Bar
Stools + Counter Stools $449.10

4. Kallie Woven Rope Loom
Counter Stool $449.10

5. Makena Swivel Stool $575.10

6. Suzanne Kasler Southport
Rattan Counter Stool $494.10

7. Anna Cane Back Bar +
Counter Stool $629.10

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