I’m Sharing My Fave Furniture Pieces

Even though I’ve only had these pieces for 1.5 years, they’ve become my best and fave pieces of furniture.  I love shopping for furniture but it’s hard especially when you’re shopping online.  If you love these pieces, they are available on the liketoknow.it app.

So without further adieu, the first piece is my tv stand.  This was purchased on Amazon.  I believe this was also my first piece of furniture bought.  I’ve always said, when I got my first place, I was going to set it up with a modern farmhouse theme.  I love the nude and white colors and also that rustic feel that you get.  It provides that “homey” feel.

I was looking specifically for this kind of piece, with the barn doors and it had to have the right color.  Ok, well at first I wanted white (white for the doors and a light wood at the top) but I knew if I got that, there were going to be scrapes and dings going on so I decided to look at the next color, which was this one.  I’m so happy with my decision.  I knew I wanted this tv stand and so I needed every other piece to compliment it.  I honestly don’t think I’ll ever give this away.  In my next home, if it doesn’t go in the living room, it’s going somewhere because I refuse to give it up.


That’s how I feel about this piece as well.  This is how I feel about a few of the pieces I have.  They are timeless and that’s exactly what I wanted.  I knew I wouldn’t be in one place for long so wherever I moved, I wanted the pieces to work for the space. 

This coffee table is everything!  Honestly, this piece was kind of hard to find.  I was looking for a piece that was very different and could stand alone.  I wanted something that would draw your eye towards it.  As you can tell, it has Roman numerals for legs.  I know!  When I saw it on Amazon, I knew I had to have it.  I couldn’t pass it up.

This last piece, you probably never would’ve thought would make it into the lineup.  This mirror has been in the last photo or you’ve seen it in a few stories.  I keep this mirror close to my heart.  It’s my mom’s mirror.  She let me have it when we were selling the  house I spent the majority of my life in.  When I initially got it, I was thinking about painting it either white or black to go with the rest of my apartment at the time.  I’m glad I didn’t because it wouldn’t have looked right and plus gold is coming back lol.

 This piece is truly a timeless and eclectic piece.  She’s had this before I was born and I want to make sure I keep it in mint condition.  I haven’t hung it up yet because it’s heavier than it looks.  Even though the cabinets are able to hang on these new walls. I'm not so sure about the mirror but I’ll let you in on a secret.  Keep an eye out on anything hanging on the walls.  This will be a sign of me planting roots 😉

You now know my fave furniture pieces, what are yours?

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