To Have or Not to Have a Dining Set

Every time you walk into a home, you always look either to the left or the right. You’re looking for that common space in a home, the dining area. Dining sets bring an extra layer of completeness to a home. It’s a place of gathering...well it used to be. So what do you use the space for now?

I love dining sets but are they a thing in the past? Today, people either have one or they use the space as another sitting room or office or some use it as a decor set (you don’t sit there. It’s just set up to look pretty).  I mean, nothing is wrong with that but ask yourself how you want to occupy this space? 

Do you have friends and family that come to visit often?

Do you gather there to eat every day?

Do you feel as though it needs to be a dining set there because of the position of the room?

Do you want to make it into an additional office?

Do you want to turn it into an extra bedroom?

So many questions to ask as to how you want to use a very versatile space. Find out what makes the best sense for you and your home. Make the space creative. 

Here are a few creative ways you can use your “dining space.”


                                                      Dining Room 


                                                      Sitting Room 


                                               Library/Reading Room


Office Space


                                                       Guest Room


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