What Are the Best Throws to Have?

I don’t know about you but throw blankets are my fave pieces to have in a home. You can literally have as many as you want, in as many colors as you’d like, and whatever texture(s) that best suit you.

If you’ve been reading my “home decor” blogs, you’ll know that I like to have an aesthetic for my home and I like for my throw blankets to be a part of that aesthetic.  Right now, I have two throw blankets.  One, I would consider to use year round and the other to only use during the fall and winter months because of the color.

This white glacier-like colored throw I have is my fave and honestly the only one I purchased.  I got it from HomeGoods for $19.99.  It’s so soft and warm.  I keep it in the living room because that’s where I spend the majority of my time.  I’ve wanted a white one for a while because initially it was going to be in my room where everything was going to be white...yeah I know.  When I saw this throw, it unfortunately wasn’t entirely white however, it was the perfect price, size, thickness yet lightweight, and oh so soft, so I couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad I didn’t because it’s perfect and I don’t regret it at all.

I received my camel-colored throw from a former colleague.  I love this throw.  It’s the perfect color with the perfect amount of softness and thickness.  

If you haven’t caught on yet, I want to talk about throw blankets because it’s about that time!  Listen, don’t wait to purchase one because the amount will go up significantly due to them being in season.  If you’re like me, always purchase what you need during another season so you won’t pay full price.  For example, for a throw, you want to purchase it during the Spring or Summer.  If you can’t find any at major shops, you can always go to TJMaxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, or At Home.  Places like these are affordable and have a great variety.  

There are a variety of throw blankets to choose from that you can use during certain seasons.  Here are some just to name a few.  If you see any that you like, just click the here to start shopping!










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