What's the Psychology Behind Today's Color Trends?

I think we can all agree that decor design colors have changed over the years.  There was once the beige and browns, and then you had darker accent colors.  Heck, just two years ago, everyone wanted a light grey in their home and if you had this color either in the home or apartment, the price went up because it was a “modern” color.  Now, everyone...mostly wants white on white on white. 

Now, nothing is wrong with this, just make sure you add a little color in there or else it’ll look washed out and overpowering.  You don’t want one color to become overpowering within your home.  Things will begin to look sterile.  

Adding color:  Make sure to add wood elements, along with a pop of color that is used as a staple color. Something that is bold but still ties everything together. 

What colors (not white) are people gravitating towards?  People are more so gravitating towards dark grey, forest green, navy blue, charcoal brown.  These colors won’t just break up the white that’s within your home but it’s also more pleasing to the eye.

If you’ve noticed, even with color, there’s a trend. We tend to either go in two directions, the modern/farmhouse aesthetic or the bohemian aesthetic.  Especially if we’re looking towards color and what colors will go great in our home.

The Psychology behind color trends:  When you’re shown a trend on a consistent basis, you begin to follow that trend subconsciously.  What you may have liked before, no longer exists.  You take what you have seen many times and apply it to your home.  Now, this isn’t a bad thing on many levels. One, if you’re trying to set your home up for resale then you can do this to appeal to potential buyers.  Two, you want to update your home to have a fresh start, a new beginning.  Three, you want your home to add furniture pieces or certain colors that will play as a focal point or colors that’ll brighten the space to be more modern and “Instagram” worthy.

A few things we don’t take into consideration are, losing our personality within trying to enhance our aesthetic to be like someone else’s and not our own. Two, we’re constantly purchasing pieces and colors, we know may go out of style very soon but we’re only focused on the “right now.”  Because of this, we don’t really know what we want and we’re just going with what we’re constantly seeing everytime we go onto social media.  Third, this ties into the second issue.  We spend too much money on what is trending right now instead of taking into consideration what colors will work better overtime.  Whatever furniture you change out, you shouldn’t have to change your wall color...not as much anyway.  You should be able to choose a neutral color that’ll go with any furniture for that specific room and it provides a cohesive look.

Do what suits you.  I understand that you want to stay on trend.  Just like clothing, home colors change just the same.  If you have a neutral color on the wall or in your home, create around it.  Use that color as your muse.  There’s nothing wrong with adding different accents and furniture pieces to it because those can always be changed out...especially accent pieces. 

You have to ask yourself what it is you like for your home.  You can always use social media platforms as inspiration, heck I do it all of the time on Pinterest but I make sure to add my own personal touch to it to make it mine.  So don’t be cookie cutter.  Stand out girl!  You’re too unique to blend in.

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