Holiday Travel by Air: What You Need Before Arriving to the Airport

There has been an unfortunate event that has taken place in my life with the loss of a loved one and for that reason, I’m heading home. Also, while I’m going home for that particular reason, I’ll also be there for Thanksgiving.

I’ve talked about how to travel with a dog and also how to pack smart, however, this time I’ll talk about how to make sure you have everything you need before takeoff.

Personally, I’ll always say that it’s better to purchase these items before arriving at the airport so you don’t have to spend a fortune when you get there.

These items that I’m listing are essential, more efficient, and are all from Amazon. They are the basics of what you need before boarding the plane.

Neck pillow. This way your head won't bob back and forth while trying to sleep.

Luggage organizer. Oh yes! We all need this. It's so much better. And who doesn't like organization? Ok, don't look in the mirror and don't look at the person next to you.

Travel bottles. Leave your big bottles at home. This is the time to downsize.

Wallet. To keep all of your things in one place inside of your luggage. So you can have your hands free and not worry about a large purse especially at a large airport. Keep your belongings safe.

Charger Carrying case . Carry your chargers and cords all in one place.

Backpack. If you’re insisting on carrying something, then carry a backpack. Something that has multiple compartments to carry more essentials. This way you won’t have to put anything under the plane and it’ll be with you. A personal and carry-on. Because of course you always get two.

Makeup bag. Yes ladies, we all seem to need this. I personally don’t usually take makeup with me home, if I’m not going anywhere special, however, if you’re one who wears makeup all of the time, (not judging) this bag will be perfect for you.

Lightweight jacket. If you’re trying to keep it very light in your suitcase and don’t plan on being at your destination too long, I would suggest bringing a small but warm jacket. It’s lightweight enough for you to wear at the airport and not have to take off and you’re able to put it in your suitcase or around your waist if you get hot.

Refillable perfume bottle. Stop lugging around glass bottles that can easily break when tossed around carelessly at the airport. This is something that you can add to your carry-on and not have to throw away expensive and great smelling perfume.

Weekender bag . Now you know I couldn’t let you leave without providing some type of bag you’re able to use if you’re only leaving for a few days and don’t want to bring a suitcase. A one and done bag. Also, if this waterproof bag that has a designated section for wet toiletries isn't glam enough for you and you'll like something that looks extravagant but has an affordable price tag, click here.

P.S. If you have gifts you’re wanting to give to friends and family, instead of trying to stuff as many of them in your suitcase, ship it to their home. That way, you won't have to worry about paying extra for luggage or trying to carry so much in your hands throughout the airport and when making it to your destination. I know you also probably say that you want it to be a surprise but it’ll already be a surprise when you send it to their home, unannounced but of course check to see if someone will be home during that time...if you know what I mean.

I hope these essentials and tips were helpful but if you want more tips on traveling, styling, shopping, home decor, or just life in general, make sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything. I hope you have an awesome and safe trip! Happy Holidays!



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